On the mood for more {Marie Antoinette}

Last year we dedicated an entire issue of Belle to those weddings inspired by one of the most astonishing movies, Marie Antoinette. We had the honor to have the gorgeous Kelsey Moore Miss Texas USA 2010 dress up as my version of a Marie Antoinette Bride on the cover. The following collection of images instantly put me in the mood for more Marie Antoinette…I could never get tired of Sophia Cappola’s movie, it takes me back to my stay in France. When I watch it I can still feel the cold when walking through and around Versailles. That day I lost my jacket on the train, but I definitely enjoyed my visit to Marie Antoinette’s Palace. How breath taking are the pieces of jewelry in these pictures? I know you already love these images as much as I do. I hope they bring some inspiration to your day!                                                                                                    Edited by Jacqueline Garcia



  1. I just read the 800 page novel on Marie Antoinette and I LOVED it. And these pics and colors portray her perfectly :)

  2. These pics are AMAZING! So much detail and fanciful art. Love it.

  3. After Spphie Coppola's film, I realized how much designer is in some folks to capture all the pastels, textures and beauty of that time all the way from hair, clothing, shoes, even the pastry . . .


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