Something Blue: Part II

Something Blue ... What about the Wedding Dress?
Bellantuono 2010 Bridal Collection, 2 St. Pucchi 2010 Bridal Collection, 3 Atelier Manon Pascual 2010 Bridal Collection, 4 Kate Halfpenny 2010 Bridal Collection, 5 Manikinn 2010 Bridal Collection, 6 Ana Torres 2010 Bridal Collection, 7 Alina Pizzano 2010 Bridal Collection, 8 Ella Rosa Spring 2010 Bridal Collection  
Images via Fashionbride's Weblog 


  1. These are so beautiful! Definitely a unique touch to the traditional neutrals. Also complements the Alice & Wonderland craze going around lately. xo -J

  2. These are lovely -- I adore the cut of the first and fourth...so beautiful in blue...


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