Metallic Wedding Cakes - Part 1

Luxurious details of gold or silver on cakes are not new to weddings. But, what I'm obsess with lately are those cakes that are totally cover by a shinny layer of silver or gold, just like these..

Photo credits: First cake, second row left,second row rightthird row left, fourth row leftforth row right

Good News! I created Metallic Wedding Cakes -Part 2 and Part 3To check them out!

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  1. Such a luxurious trend! Love the 'rich' look of the metallics, they add that extra sparkle to a wedding

  2. Its looking beautifull.....The metallic look of this cake is very elegant.

  3. OMG - second row, silver one on the right with the fuschia flower on top! Thank you for the idea. I'm in love!

  4. PLEASE HELP!Does anyone know the source for the very shiny silver on the cake with the magnolia? Is it done with sheets of silver leaf? I have a client that is looking for that look.


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