Intuzuri Wedding Dresses 2012

It’s Tuesday and I have another great designer to introduce to you, so hopefully you’re bright eyed and ready to scan through some glamorous gowns that are just fabulous. Intuzuri's 2012 bridal collection ranges from beautiful, luxurious, classic designs, to more modern styles. With amazing skirts, beautiful lace accents, exquisite crystal beading and perfectly pretty necklines,  that are sure to turn heads at every pass, these gowns have details that will have you going ga-ga.

To see my edit of the best bridal gowns out there visit my bridal fashion section.

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  1. I recomend you Higar Novias, there you can find all styles of wedding dresses and you can customize them.

  2. Very beautiful wedding gowns!! Thanks for sharing! I really loved the aida gown!

  3. Although I love modern styles of wedding gowns, I still find white temple dressesmore beautiful for bridal gowns. I find it more simple and clean. As a wedding symbolizes the union of two single persons, the white dress of the bride symbolizes her purity and a simple design like the temple dress matches its simplicity.

  4. I bought the arabella wedding dress! Looking forward to wear it next week! :D


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