Dress Of The Week - J'Aton Couture

I have to admit that today's Dress of The Week by J'Aton Couture makes my heart ache! It is the same dress that Rebecca Twigley wore on her wedding day and every time I see it, I just fall more in love.

So who is behind J’Aton Couture? The company was established by Jacob Luppino and Anthony Pittorino in Melbourne, Australia, with a showroom and atelier, creating bespoke evening and bridalwear. Both designers are from sartorial Italian backgrounds and use traditional methods in their unique gowns.

Haven’t found wedding dress of your dreams? Then you definitely need to take a look of my hand pick selection of fabulous bridal gowns at my Dress Of The Week.

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  1. where can i buy this dress

  2. All images by Jennifer Stenglein Photography


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