Wedding Flip Flops from My Glass Slipper

On the big day you would be wearing your beautiful wedding shoes all day, and let's face it: although they're gorgeous, at some point during the reception they would not be that comfortable anymore.  After-all, dancing the night away in 3-inch high heels, not the best idea! How many times have you heard from other brides that they loved their shoes but couldn’t dance in them?  Thankfully for you, My Glass Slipper is here to help with their wedding flip flops for bride that will make you feel as you're walking (and dancing) on air. 
I know...the thought of having flip flops in your wedding doesn't sound like a fit for a die-hard fashionista like you. But, don't worry about the looks! My Glass Slipper, the gurus of chic bridal footwear, got you covered. They have in hand a dressed up version of the regular flip-flop, complete with beading and designed without taking fashion out of the equation.

I love that they also have wedges, so your pretty wedding dress doesn’t drag along the floor while you dance the night away with your honey. 
The best part is that once the wedding's over you won't just have to put your wedding flip flops back in the box to become a keepsake. They're so cute and comfy that you will be wanting to wear them more than once. You could even take them along to your honeymoon and rock them on the beach. 
Now, if you want to continue the trend of colored wedding shoes, I have good news for you.  MGS can even dye your flip flops to match your wedding color palette! These would also be a fun "thank you" gift for your bridesmaids.

Well.. whether you're looking for a comfortable flat-heeled flip flop, or a fashionable wedge, My Glass Slipper offers an unbeatable selection of wedding shoes, so you're guaranteed to find the wedding flip flop that suits to your big-day needs.


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