Introducing Honeymoon Pixie: Your Honeymoon Gift Registry

Do you want a honeymoon filled with romance, excitement and adventure for just the two of you? Do you want to create lifelong memories?  Well now you can with the help of a honeymoon registry from Honeymoon Pixie.  And they’ve done all the work for you – just select one of their pre-built registries to the most popular honeymoon destinations and you’ll have your own free honeymoon registry webpage to share with family and friends.
Honeymoon Pixie is focused on taking the stress out of honeymoon planning.  You can add any fun activity you want to your honeymoon registry, like swimming with dolphins (sign me up!). Check out these sample honeymoon registries.  And guess what? Would your friends prefer to give you a swim with the dolphins or another china place setting? Just as I thought… everyone would rather give and receive a gift that creates an awesome memory!
You may be asking yourself, is this for me?
I feel it’s the perfect alternative for couples who have lived on their own and have many of the household items needed to start a new home together. Instead of more material gifts, couples can opt to have the experiences associated with their dream honeymoon.  Honeymoon Pixie functions as a cash gift registry, so that you actually receive the cash whenever you want.  And they’ll even deposit it directly into your bank account, so that you’ll have access to the extra cash when you’re on some tropical island in the middle of the Caribbean!  This will help ensure that you have the money necessary to splurge a little on your honeymoon adventure.
Give it a try!  There’s no cost and no obligation and it takes only 2 minutes to set up. So don’t wait any longer, experience the wonder of Honeymoon Pixie and pretty soon you’ll be packing your bags for the trip of a lifetime.


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