Introducing WeddingFavors.org

To thank your friends and family for coming to join in your wedding celebrations it’s nice to show your appreciation with a thoughtful gift. So if you are searching for the perfect token for your guests to take home, I’d recommend taking a look at Weddingfavors.org! They carry a wide selection of very affordable and unique favors, with something to fit every style. They offer so much variety your only problem will be narrowing down your favorites! Summer favors, eco-friendly favors, cheap wedding favors, beach wedding favors, and edible wedding favors are just a few of the top sellers.
Some of my favorites are their personalized wedding favorsI thought these Playing Cards were sweet. So handy for both home and travel, these "Perfectly Suited" cards bring your guests hours of fun and your thanks--times 52! Stack the deck with one of their amazing personalization choices, and you'll make this favor a absolute winner!

Hard to choose your favorites? Head on over to Weddingfavors.org to check out their full selection and make your top 10 list. I promise you’ll have fun looking at the wide range of options.

Weddingfavors.org has been kind enough to offer you lovely belles 20% off their goods with code BELLE20. Happy shopping!


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  1. I like the first wedding favors in first place.



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