What do fashion models and brides have in common? Photo shoots!

What do fashion models and brides have in common? Photo shoots! The secret for fabulous photos on your special day is capturing just the right moments.  This collection of memories will be different for every bride. Use the following tips I give my models as a starting point to make the camera work for you. With these basic rules kept in mind, your photos will without a doubt turn out beautifully.

Photography Yolanda Diaz  Model Liz Kranz Miss Teen New Mexico USA 2007
 First, Brainstorm. From candids to formal portraits, black-and-white to color, your options are more open than ever, so take advantage! Think and put your ideas together and have a sit down with the photographer prior to the shoot. Your results will be much better if you discuss your expectations and ideas ahead of time. (Brainstorm ideas should include props, accessories like flowers, location, and the overall goal of your photos.)

Photography Yolanda Diaz  Model Liz Kranz Miss Teen New Mexico USA 2007
Second, Practice. While this might sound silly to you, I suggest practicing in front of a mirror prior to the shoot. Move around and take notice of your face and it’s angles. Do the same with your body positions. You will find small things like turning at the waist will help you look slimmer, and different facial expressions will portray different moods in the overall picture, like natural smiles. Pick the ones that are most flattering to you and memorize them, giving you an idea on what to do the day of the shoot.

Third, keep in mind the basic rules of posing:
1) It is common to see elbows in photos. Unless your dress is long sleeve, try never to show the elbows directly to the camera (for example when posing sideways). Elbows can take away from a beautiful photo.
2) When smiling, do not be afraid to let out a giggle. This will make the smile more sincere and natural, rather than stiff and faked. (Not that you would be faking it)
3) Last but not least... Flirt... With the camera that is. Smile with your eyes, or as in model terms we say “SMIZE”! 

By: Jacqueline Garcia

You can find this article in the November Issue of Belle the Magazine


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