Vintage Sofas

If you are considering incorporating a sitting area in your reception, but you feel like the plain lounge furniture is too cold for you, I present you the Vintage Sofa:
They look awesome in outdoor weddings. With some good taste they can also be easily be incorporated in an indoor reception. Be very careful with their placement however, using them in large quantities can make any reception tacky. Vintage Sofas should be used as an accent to your décor.
What better element to add some romantic feeling to your wedding than the Vintage Sofa? 
Edited by Jacqueline Garcia

1 Tracy Turpen - Photography
 Jessica Claire - Photography 
3, 4 Jose Villa - Photography 
Jessica Claire - Photography
Images 1,3,4,5 via Style Me Pretty . Image 2 via Green Wedding Shoes 


  1. I've seen this look on quite a few sites and think it is awesome. We also have been incorporating it into our photo shoots lately.

  2. I just love the shot of the lone bride on the sofa. Vintage mismatched seating is always charming in my book. Great post.


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