Dress Of The Week - Veluz Reyes

Yes, I'm swooning over another fab Veluz Reyes Creation [See other gowns by Veluz by clicking here and here]. This classy and sophisticated wedding dress is all wrapped up in glamour -so delicious!
Images:Nelwin Uy 
- Ms. Veluz, you never cease to amaze me.

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  1. The wedding dress is absolutely gorgeous!Love it!!!

  2. Very nice Veluz Reyes dress. It almost looks like a Marchesa to me (and I love Marchesa gowns.)I think it's the intricate design and bead-work that makes it look like a Marchesa. Seems like Velus Reyes is a designer to look out for.

  3. Being the only Asian country that has a Spanish history, The Philippines is proud to have Veluz who showcases the inherent talent of the local women for their quintessential hand embroidery and lace making. Talent that has been handed down for centuries from European ancestry.


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