Manuel Mota 2013 Bridal Collection + My Dress of the Week

In this Manuel Mota 2013 Bridal Collection, you will find anything and everything except boring. These elegant gowns are over-the-top gorgeous down to every last detail.
If you are wanting something unique and glamorous, with details such as antique lace, florals and interesting shapes one of these dresses could very well be the wedding dress of your dreams. 
My dress of the Week? This gorgeous confection named Ventura.
Now enjoy the rest of the gorgeous gowns from Manuel Mota 2013 Bridal Collection.

Let me help you find the wedding dress of your dreams. Visit my hand picked selection of fabulous gowns at the Bridal Fashion section

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  1. Those wedding gowns are so fancy. My favorite is the mermaid cut dress because it flatters the curves. I would suggest this for the bridal in Perth that my sister would organize. Your collection would be perfect!

  2. I'm out of words! These are all so elegant and gorgeous. Can't even say which one is my favorite - ALL of them! I hope I could find beautiful wedding accessories in perth that will go with my daughter's choice of gown.


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