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If you attended a wedding circa 1980’s to early 90’s, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. The dreadful plastic bride and groom shaped figures on top of the cake. The black dot eyes, red lips, and painted elbow length gloves still give us nightmares. But, lucky for us, that trend is long gone and has been redefined as the stylish-customizable My Memory Dolls. My Memory Dolls has created unique and completely customizable cake topper figurines to resemble, who else.... YOU! Whether you and your sweetie are hiking in the mountains or getting married on the beach. Your options are practically limitless for customization. All My Memory Doll needs are photos of the bride and groom’s faces with their best smile or funniest expression, and their professional artisans will sculpt the custom cake topper figurines to resemble you and your other half.
If you're already far into your wedding planning (kudos to you) and have chosen the perfect theme to complement your big day My Memory Dolls will you create fully personalized wedding cake toppers for any theme you choose; while truly capturing the expressions and personalities of the happy couple! My Memory Dolls is always excited and truly honored to be apart of your special events. When you choose My Memory Dolls you have the unique ability to chat one on one with a representative at any time and what's more, you are in the driver's seat when approving proofs during the creation process for review and approval.
 But, if you're wondering how it all works... you'll see it is very simple and so much fun! All you have to do is pick a few of your favorite photos that showcase your most genuine smiles. The images can be a variety of personal photos and/or photos from Google images to indicate poses and attire. Most brides choose to take photos of their actual wedding dress and the groom’s actual tuxedo or suit so they can be sculpted to your figurines with the utmost detail. Hairstyles can also be photographed and uploaded as an example for use. As a bride you can decide to have your hair down, in a braid or in a bun My Memory Dolls will customize that as well and sculpt your figuring to match. You can find more details on their How it Works Page.

So all that's left to do darlings is head over to hop over to the My Memory Dolls Facebook Page or website for photos of the actual couple’s head shots along side their toppers and you’ll see that they are spot on!  And check out the following video!

 This post has been sponsored by My Memory Dolls, but concerns our own opinion.

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  1. These are so cute.. love how they're so personalized :)


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