Royal Inspired Wedding with Touches of Radiant Orchid

If Kara & David’s Australia nuptials by Noble Photography don’t make you think royal wedding, then we don’t know what will. From the array of ruffles & diamonds, a sweet "radiant orchid" color palette, down to a sensuous kiss on the balcony, this couple sure knows how to wed in style. But, in order to move forward with this truly gorgeous wedding, we must first go back to the day that started this journey…
“Dave and I were away on a romantic getaway in Daylesford and staying at beautiful accommodation on the edge of a hill overlooking a lovely gully. I wanted to get a photo of the view with the sun setting, so stood up on a fallen tree to get more height. Dave came up behind me, and got down on one knee whilst balancing on the tree and popped the question. I was in so much shock all I could say was 'are you serious?!' Once Dave told me he had already asked my Mum's permission, I balled my eyes out. We celebrated with a lovely bottle of red on the balcony whilst the sun set and a romantic dinner out!”
If you’re laughing with joy over this saccharine engagement, then you might want to keep reading  and brace yourself for some happy tears. Like many weddings the planning always brings drama, drama, & more drama; however, the big day for these two sweethearts was nothing short of perfect other than the bride’s grandfather falling down the step at the ceremony and breaking his hip. But, despite that, the day went on as beautiful as it could ever possibly be. Kara shared with us one of the most significant moments of the day as, “having my mum, Sue, walk me down the aisle, having recovered from a car accident just months before and not knowing if she would be off crutches to do so.” Enjoy!

Photographer: Noble Photography // Reception Venue + Catering: Ballara Receptions // Ceremony Venue: Montsalvat // Submitted via Two Bright Lights


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  2. I love the beautiful ball gown flower wedding dress! It is so beautiful.

  3. This wedding is absolutely stunning, the shade of radiant orchid is perfect, what designer makes these bridesmaid dresses?


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