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When you’re out shopping for jewelry you probably weigh in what outfits certain pieces will look good with, yes? Maybe you buy certain baubles for one event and don’t wear them again until another fancy fete pops up, right? Ok, so your engagement ring- it deserves a whole different type of attention. It doesn’t come off if you’re wearing jeans, a cocktail dress, or sweat pants. Yep, buying your engagement ring can be one the most important (and expensive!) purchases you’ve ever made; so quality + trust are a big deal! And that’s where Enchanted Diamonds comes in. They have some really pretty bling that we think you’ll fancy. And the best part is that their bespoke engagement rings are extremely affordable. Amazing!!!

The minute you start strolling over Enchanted Diamonds’ gorgeous inventory, you can’t help it  but ask yourself why are their engagement rings so affordable? Well, my friend let me reveal their little secret. Enchanted Diamonds, an online jewelry company, don’t hold inventory and sells its diamonds direct from the source. This process allows them to pass along significant cost savings to you by removing the middlemen... Score!

From traditional channel set engagement rings or romantic princess cut engagement rings, to unique options like fancy color diamonds and a heart shaped diamond ring, Enchanted Diamonds has something for every bride.

What do you think ladies? We know. It can be so hard to choose, right? Hopefully by sharing some of our faves we can help to narrow down your search!


But beyond the affordable prices and their chic styles, it’s their excellent quality and their gia certified diamonds that really sets this fab jewelers apart:
Based in New York City, Enchanted Diamonds keeps its manufacturing local that way they guarantee that each of the rings they make will exceed your quality standards and expectations.  Crafting stunning, incredibly high-quality pieces that are handmade by some of the best in the business, Enchanted Diamonds uses only all natural, 100% ethically sourced diamonds. And get this — they offer custom engagement rings too and all their jewelry comes with a lifetime warranty that includes complimentary repair, cleaning, and resizing!

Enchanted Diamonds makes sure each and everyone of their clients gets the ring of their dreams. To start shopping, head over here!

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  1. I am still having trouble to select a good diamond ring. How can you tell the quality of it?


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