Top It Up Pretty: Boleros - Part 1

Hello Monday! So unless you’ve been living under a rock these past weekend you probably hear all the talking about Kate’s Alexander McQueen gown. And if you read this blog often you may know that las week I predicted that for years to come many many brides are going to inspire their wedding attired on Kate’s look (check out my post about royal wedding inspired dresses). But, if the long sleeve is too much for you, what about wearing a bolero. Shrugs, boleros, tops and wraps give you the ability to transform your wedding dress from conservative to sexy, without making the expense of buying two gowns.
I’m in love with single one of these tops from Rosa Clara. They will give any wedding dress a touch of elegance and sophistication. Lace, chiffon, biding… they are all beyond adorable!.. So, what do you think? Would you top it up pretty?


  1. mmkay how do I get one right now?! I LOVE these, especially the top one. Must have one now!!

  2. yes i would like to know too. would be nice if they told us where to buy them.

  3. Ladies, it does say that they're from Rosa Clara.

  4. air barcelona and rosa clara google it


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