{Real Weddings} : Daniela + Jesus by Stephane Lemaire

After sharing with you so many beautiful boleros (part one and part two here) this week, what about starting this beautiful Thursday with a real bride rocking a real bolero in a real El Paso wedding? Sounds great, right? But, I got to admit that besides the pretty bolero, the adorable cake, the charming church and the lovely couple, what really got me about this wedding was the vintage red truck. Yes, the talented Stephane Lemaire took the whole wedding party to the desert where he photographed them next to a super cute vintage truck… oh, and a horse! It’s a southwest wedding extravaganza and you are invited!


  1. Loving the vintage red truck and the walking back down the aisle shot is beautiful

  2. How cute couple! Its so gorgeous wedding party photos..
    Thanks for sharing with us..banquet facility

  3. These images atre so dream-like. Really beautiful

  4. That church is amazing! The pictures turned out wonderfully.

  5. Fantastic presentation. Stunning bride, she looks like a model.


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